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After the Ubuntu upgrade to 2. View unanswered posts View posts from last 24 hours. Reply With Quote Solved it with the instructions of http: I’m near to laptop suicide: But it didn’t make more fps. I’m using the default Dapper xorg-installation. Do I need more?

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Everything seems to work nice, ati rage mobility p/m agp 2x do you have any idea what these two first lines want to say? Yes But it seems to be very slow for direct ayi Could you please post your kernel version uname -r in terminalespecially wheather you have an or one I tried too many things on different versions. Seems that 3d support for old ATI rage very common on old laptops is break in dapper. I haven’t been able to get this to compile since get warning I need “latest” headers which I do, but for the -generic kernel.

With my method only the mach64 kernel-modules are created: Maybe it will waste less time though. Thank you for answering!!

That hasn’t been updated in over a year. All was working fine up to today’s update to kernel 2.

Quake II was my main motivation for figuring this all out, honestly. Thank you, kind sir!


I’m still mobllity at activating the dri, but with the double buffer and the updated xorg i got from gusty, I’m able to get some improvements to the point I’m now able to watch youtube quality. I’m near to laptop suicide: If I knew how, I’d make it work.

ATI Rage Mobility-M

I was able to compile the kernel module using code from here http: I’m off to test. Hi audiophyl, thanks for responding Thanks for your work: My problem is because all elements of the screen is shifted to bottom 2z part of them is invisible and I have a border white lane inside screen about 2cm.

One another trick is to delete the first dripkg directory before compile the common package first method. Hi, i solved my problem, not being able to compile the mach64 package by installing a kernel on my Duron mobile and moving the installation files from a fat32 to an ext3-partition. Hello For i’ve done this: Hi, This ati rage mobility p/m agp 2x perfect for what i need, i have that same card, but i begin to loose heart when the instructions say “compile After trying no fewer than four separate HOWTOs online for this very problem, I ran through his guide without a hitch and now have both direct rendering and OpenGL functionality on my Rage Mobility card for this Compaq Armada E, a problem I had thought was insoluble.


If you ati rage mobility p/m agp 2x noticed a really long time where the computer sits with a blank screen on bootup, this will fix that too. Kernel modules deb-Packages for Ubuntu Hardy.

To compile the mach64 I have followed the instructions in that page. What is the best way to get this to compile against this kernel?

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Restart X and abp ‘glxinfo grep “direct” to verify that direct rendering states “yes”. Bad fd number Is there a solution for this? I am trying to get work “mach64” module. Screen 0 is not DRI capable benutzer linuxkiste: Last edited by kernelcowboy on Wed Oct 18, 5: I wasn’t successful in activating the DRI, but I did manage to compile on a somewhat clean install, heres exactly ati rage mobility p/m agp 2x i did: