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Page 71 Scan Options Image Shift Shifting the Image Copy Position Copies can be made with the document image position shifted to the left, right, top, or bottom of the paper, or with the document center shifted to the center of the paper. Assign the relay recipient to an address number from to Send Options Furthermore, notify the recipient of the following information for using the F Code method to receive e-mail from the mailbox. Click the Drivers tab and ensure you see the 3 drivers for SQLite. Page – Notes and Restrictions on the Use of the Refer to “When [Print] is Selected” P. User information managed by the remote accounting service is sent to, and registered on the machine.

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Fx Apeosport I Ps B Driver Download

Unable to resolve the string after ” ” in the Internet address with DNS. Inform the sender aposport the settings. Table Of Contents Send Options To delete a link, select [Cut Link].

No printing at the primary relay station Primary Relay Station ID The address number for the initiating station registered at the primary relay station. The Power Saver feature has two modes: Select trays used as the body pages tray and the covers tray in which paper of the same size with landscape is loaded.



Up to characters are allowed. Trouble during Scanning Cause The network cable is disconnected from the machine. For fz details, refer to “CentreWare Internet Services” Adhering to the correct environmental conditions as specified in the installation instructions will ensure that the concentration levels meet safe limits.

Adapted When auto-scaling is in use, this sets the method for obtaining the active coordinate area. Action Load the document correctly, and align the document guides with apeosportt document.

The specified address appears in the [Transfer via SMB] screen. Use only staple cartridges recommended by Fuji Xerox. Line Monitor Volume System Settings If printed manually, the document will not be printed at specified time. The following describes the procedure for checking the status of consumables.

Is folded or wrinkled paper Remove the improper paper or replace included in the tray? Copy 3 Copy This chapter describes the copy features provided by the machine. Public Mailbox Store documents to be sent, in response to instructions received from remote apeosort, in a public mailbox of the machine.

Fx Apeosport 450 I Ps B Driver Download

The user account number is printed. When split for transmission, set the number of pages.


Always Enable Regardless of which paper tray is selected for [Paper Supply], depending on circumstances, the machine automatically selects a tray containing appropriate paper. Margin Shadows in the document ” P. Normally, plain paper is set. Auto Switch Attempts Set the number of times the phone ring should sound for an incoming call before starting fax communications. Clear the document jam according to the instructions displayed, apeos;ort then reload the document on the document feeder.

Maintenance Information Adhering to the correct environmental conditions as specified in the installation instructions will ensure that the concentration levels meet j limits. Press in both sides of the staple cartridge holder 1 and remove the staple cartridge out of the holder 2.

If you select [Shift], capital letters appear.

Refer to “When [Delete] is Selected” P. Select the profile for setting each feature as necessary. Copying or printing is automatically resumed when paper xf supplied. Gently remove the paper taking care not to tear it.