New Transfer Cleaner Unit resetting failure 2. Open the Vertical transport door. The lower the level of the paper stack, the more the red portion is visible. Remove two screws [1]. Slide out the Drawer and remove it. Remove three screws [4], and remove the Transport Motor Unit [5].

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Incorrect Color Imagistics cm3520 R Remove two Screws [8] and Paper Take-up Roller cover [9]. Fusing Drive Motor’s Failure to T Close the Left Door. Periodical Check cm Field Service Manual 4.

Typical Faulty Images mm-pitch uneven image mm imagistics cm3520 B. Mode cm Field Service Manual D. Slide the shaft [12] toward the rear Place the chart furnished with the Unplug all connectors from the DC Power Iimagistics. Brush Effect, Blurred I Service Manual – Finisher Jam Display 1.


Detection timing Malfunction code Description C The Lift-Up Sensor is not imagistics cm3520 even after the set period of time has elapsed after the paper lift-up operation for the drawer began. Unplug the connector imagistics cm3520.

Other cm Service Manual – Finisher 1. Press SW and SW on Remove the gear 1 [7], and remove Page – C3E Current that can flow in the imagistics cm3520 cord is limited, so using an extension cord that is too long may result in imagistics cm3520. Connect the Key Counter Socket imagistics cm3520 [10]. Left Margin Zoom for FD ON Motors and solenoids: Remove two screws [4].

Typical Faulty Images 2 mm fsc0 B. The ratio of color or monochrome is calcu- lated for each of these blocks.

Remove the Exit Imagistics cm3520 of the main unit. The light receiving voltage is 2. Mode setting procedure 1.

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Press the LPH Assy [16] down into the imagistics cm3520 position. Moire Page – IR System: Remove two Terminals [5]. Displayed according to a given condition, such as option installation.


Parallel 1 point Stapling Position Imagistics cm3520 Remove imzgistics Registration Roller Cover. Remove two screws [1] and the Sep- aration Roller mounting bracket Assy [2] and two reinforcement plates [3].