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As he did own a new computer and wish install WinXP, and lexicon not provide a driver for this card under XP, can anyone tell us if is available a thirty party driver? Any ideas on how I can get the Core 2 to work? The IN would be what input or Bus I am recording. Buy another sound card RME is my favourite 4. If this would work with reason it maybe better to run this on my other computer as opposed to the am3 I am running. Anyways, tell us how it works out! I did not notice any latency!

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OT – Lexicon Core 2 + MPX100 Drivers for Win XP

BTW – This board has been incredibly informative and helpful for me over the last year I dont plan on using Logic but may try it with DP and or reason. You know like a VGA switch lexicon core 2 WhiteWarlock May 30, I was worried i had lexicon core 2 the damn thing.

Even I think that there are few Core 2 users so that developing lexiicon driver wont be a very successful business.


Ya, mine’s the Core2 card. Also, for three years Lexicon never updated lexicon core 2 drivers. I downloaded the new installer Lexicons site I cant work with anything else.

Now that is good news! On steinbergs site i could not find an ASIO driver for it?

Anyways, tell us how it works out! January 21, I clicked on the punch tab and enabled an input but I guess I didnt select lexicon core 2 output.

Lexicon Core 2 – Gearslutz Pro Audio Community

He’ll take care of the rest. A bit of a tangent. I am gonna get me one.

You just have to enable them in the Lexicon control panel, same goes for LAP. Remember, its hardware, and you basically have to remind dore it ain’t a plug. The app crashes when lexicon core 2 fire it up, and Cubase crashes when you try to select it as an interface, so it’s just not gonna work. Have you downloaded new drivers?

Give your friend a good advise: On Lexicons website you can download the manuals. Can you use ALL of the outputs in Reason?


OT – Lexicon Core 2 + MPX Drivers for Win XP | Cakewalk Forums

OK, here comes the real debacle Buy another sound card RME is my favourite 4. At first i had some pops and clicks, but just had to set the clock to optical, and it was fine. I have a good relationship with one of the sales managers, so I can usually get pretty good prices. I enabled the “low lantency” mode in lexicon core 2 control panel. So it will be highly lexicon core 2 that you will find drivers somewhere for this card.

There are so many variables, that you can make the same beat sound like different ones. That’s it, I am buying one! I could barely tell, if i had not known, i probably would not even thought lexicon core 2 it. I am going to try reseating this thing then.