A Pro Stock Motorcycle transmission is integrated into the engine and features six forward speeds. The new forged one-piece crank eliminates this. Bikes in the class are limited to a inch maximum wheelbase, a rear slick 10 inches wide, and a minimum weight of pounds. The quickest Pro Stock Motorcycles produce more than horsepower. Giant main shafts are equal to the task. It has been a feature of NHRA drag racing since the s when it was added to the professional class structure and has since spread around the globe.

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Otherwise it would prp updated the wedge-chambered squish cylinder head as well, using the latest airflow techniques. On a typical quarter-mile pass, a rider must release the clutch lever and make all five gear changes on time while attempting to tuck behind the faring in nhra pro stock motorcycle to minimize wind resistance.

From Nhra pro stock motorcycle, the free encyclopedia. It is connected to the rear sprocket via a chain. Jhra amassed 33 NHRA event wins before his death in For maximum rigidity, the cylinders are now integral with the upper case, with removable ductile iron liners.

Pro Stock Motorcycle

Giant nhra pro stock motorcycle shafts are equal to the task. It is also not uncommon for the front tire to smoke when it finally returns to the race track, similar to a jet plane landing. All Pro Stock Motorcycle engines are required to use racing gasoline only. Bikes in the class are limited to a inch nhra pro stock motorcycle wheelbase, a rear slick 10 inches wide, and a minimum weight nura pounds. With no roll cage or seat belts, Pro Stock Motorcycle riders are covered from head to toe in protective gear including a helmet, a full set of heavily padded racing leathers, gloves, and boots.


Retrieved 6 November Retrieved from ” https: Down at the level of the cams, this doubles to 2, to 2, pounds. A Pro Stock Motorcycle transmission is integrated into the engine and features six forward speeds.

Ballpark valve-spring pressure at full lift is 1, to 1, pounds. Now the inner cam bearings seat nhra pro stock motorcycle in the upper case. This page was last edited on 6 Mayat Now add the force required to accelerate those nhra pro stock motorcycle valves up off their seats and you can see that big stuff happens in the timing case, thrust up through the pushrods to the rockers. Pro Stock Motorcycleformerly known as Pro Stock Bike is a motorcycle drag racing class that is the two-wheeled equivalent of Pro Stock.

All three rivals share the proven Suzuki clutch and gearbox.

Drivers Listing | NHRA

Fuel injection or carburetors are permitted. A quick Pro Stock run in the quarter-mile is 6. Since parachutes are not used, an effective nhra pro stock motorcycle system is critical to slow the bike from near mph top speeds.


From to bhra Vance and Hines V-Rod was arguably the most dominant motorcycle in the class.

Inside the S&S Cycle Polaris Pro Stock Motorcycle Drag-Racing Engine | Cycle World

Every time a cam lobe lifts its tappet, the force is greater than the weight omtorcycle a four-door sedan. View the discussion thread. The first female driver in this category is Vicki Farr; the first officially licensed driver is Stephanie Reaves, as well as first to qualify at a NHRA National Event, and the best known female nhra pro stock motorcycle in this category is Angelle Sampey Seelingwho set a national record 7.

A conversation with the leader of the free motorcycling world. A purpose-built race vehicle using very few, if any parts from the original manufacturer. Ever see a more beautiful crankshaft?

Any problems with such giant bores? The class has for years been dominated by inline-4 cylinder Suzuki based bikes but in recent years Harley-Davidson based [ dubious — discuss ] V-twin machines have become more competitive due to favorable rule changes nhra pro stock motorcycle.

The rear tire bhra limited to inches in width. That means the teams modify them to stay competitive. Think metals are rigid?

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